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November 22, 2023 - November 23, 2023

           Welcome to IT JOB DAYS 3.0 

Empower your company's digital growth and innovation by joining the IT JOB DAYS!

Connect with the international specialists of the powerhouse IT sector and drive your business towards limitless possibilities in the world of technology. 

Seeking international IT talents for your Austrian company?

Go for IT!

With more than 500 registered international IT talents, this online event is a unique opportunity to network and get to know your future employees.     

  • When? November 22 & 23, 2023 (attend one or both days of the event)
  • Where? ONLINE
  • Fee? The registration fee for representatives of Austrian companies is 100 EUR 

Register now to participate in this matchmaking event and virtual meetup.

🚀 Join our virtual event connecting top IT talents worldwide with leading Austrian companies! Expect exciting virtual matchmaking sessions and exclusive insights into international employment opportunities. 

💡 Why join? Meet a pool of international IT talents eager to contribute to your Austrian company's growth. Gain direct access to their profiles, arrange virtual meetings, and streamline the hiring process within minutes! 

During an info session, you will be provided information on the possible immigration of international IT talents. If you would like to find out about possible paths in advance, please visit Work in Austria.

Join the future of IT today!


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